After many months of hard work our CD is now on the production line!

After lots of rehearsals and recording sessions along with many emails and drafts of art work and
performance notes we are all hugely excited to see the final product. As many of you may have seen we are having an exciting launch event in Christ Church, Harrogate on Saturday 21st November. If you are interested in coming to this event then it would be fantastic for us to share the event with you. For more details about this event simply search ‘Slidin’ About CD Launch’.


The launch event will be the first chance for everyone to get their hands on our debut album! Of course we couldn’t have done all of this without some help and special thanks have to go to John Pearson, who has made all of this possible. Gregory Brett, for his superb art and design work. Alejandro Calce Bascon, for putting up with us through the hours of recording. To save you from this turning in to an essay I wont list everyone, but a huge thank you goes out to everyone else that has helped us get to where we are today!

You can have a chance of pre-ordering the CD by signing up to our newsletter! We will pay the postage if you do!

So apart from the CD what else have we been doing?

Well since we finished recording we decided that it was about time we had some time off as we all took an opportunity to have some holiday time during the end of August and start of September.

Now we are all back we have been working hard on our entry for the International Trombone Association (ITA) Quartet Competition. There is a set piece for this which we have to record and send off by the end of November. It is a great piece by composer Walter Ross and we look forward to recording it soon.

So between the CD launch and the recording for ITA and some other concerts it will be a busy run up to Christmas for us. Do keep an eye out for some exciting upcoming competitions which will be announced on our facebook page and we look forward to hopefully seeing lots of you soon

28th October, 2015